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VoodooPS2 and ±/§ instead of Tilde/Back tick

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Why?  There is very little information out there about this problem, and I don't understand much of it.  I have a "old ass" HP click keyboard.  I love this keyboard and prefer it to any keyboard I have ever used.  I would like to be able to use it in OS X and Windows, to write code and play games.  I tried a PS2 to USB adapter, but they don't play very nice with PC games, holding ctrl to crouch and moving in several directions with other keys doesn't always work (usb keyboards have a limited amount of keys which can be held down at a given time).  So, can't use that.  My only choice is VoodooPS2.  But I can't easily access my home directory without a tilde...  What am I to do?

I am so lost.  Someone please show me the way!

I have the same problem!!!

There is an error in the keycode translation table, see this post for a fix.

1.  I don't understand how to apply the fix. (It didn't work for me)
2.  Why isn't this fix in the main line code?
3.  Can someone make it more clear how to fix this stupid issue?

Is there a patched kext available?


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