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Add win7 and XP Bootmanager
« on: January 08, 2010, 02:06:33 PM »
My Setup:
One HDD with Mac OS X and Chameleon, Drive to boot
One HDD with XP, Win7 and Ubuntu
I first had installed XP the Windows 7 which overwrited XP's Bootmanager an allowed me to choose XP or Win7 to boot from on startup. Then I installed Ubuntu which created a bootmanager on its own partition.
So at Startup I could choose Ubuntu Or Windows. When I choose Windows there came a Windows's Bootloader and I could choose whether to boot XP or Win7.
So now with Chameleon, I can choose Mac OS X, Windows XP or Windows 7. When I choose Xp there comes up the win 7 bootmanager where I can choose to boot XP or Win7. When I choose Windows7 partition in Chameleon, it prompts "No Bootmanager found". I found out why I cant choose Ubuntu (namely because its on a extended partition or such). But what I want to have, is win7 to boot up when i choose its partition, and XP when I choose its, with no extra Bootmenu from Windows. I found out how I will be able to put Win Bootmanager onto the Win7 partition (by setting its partition to active and repair the Bootmanager with the Setup CD). But how will I be able to set up a bootloader on the XP partition, so It will boot, when I choose it in Chameleon.

Hope you were able to read and understand what I want, and that you can help me,