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VoodooPowerMini 1.2.7 for 10.6.x (01MAY10) New download links


Version 1.2.7 - Fixed some netburst (P4/PD) code. Changed state calculations. Powersource detection. Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.2.5 - Rewrote some code, simplified some of it.
Version 1.2.49 - Corrected some small bugs.
Version 1.2.46 - Snow leopard only (32/64 bit). Some small code changes to make it compile and work under 1.6.x, no major bugfixes done.

Mini Edition
This is a kext for Intel Enhanced Speedstep. 
Downloads -> Release Editions,  Debug Editions and Source.

Doesn't work?
You can post bug report at the bug forum. If it is worth reporting do it properly. Bugs will be fixed for the 1.3.x release.

System Requirements?[*] Intel (Pentium M/4/D), Core (2) Quad/Duo/Solo, (Atom)
[*] Apple "Vanilla" Kernel 10.6.x recommended (Darwin Kernel 10.x)

It is supposed to be installed into /System/Library/Extensions/

Any ideas for improvements? Tell me

Thanks to oldnapalm and marionez for testing.


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