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Just a friendly thank you



You're the man now VoodooGang

Let's get everything under one roof, come together, clean up and kick some ass

2010 is gonna be ready-rocksteady, I can feel it :)

No problem Terc, someone else was faster this time :).

[Merged Kudos Thread]

I'm happy to see this, and voodoobattery made it to the voodooprojects forum.
Thanks for all your hard work.  Here's hoping others recognize all the efforts you, as well as the other devs on this forum put forth to make our hackintoshes even possible.

Thanks for the merge! :)

Yeah, I also want to say thank you: without your efforts, Superhai, OSx86 would only be a fun toy. With VoodooPower and VoodooBattery, OS X can be the main OS of my laptop. And that is really wonderful. So once again, thank you.

I'd like to add a hearty thanks to the comments by martin, terc and rocksteady. While I've had crashing issues with VoodooPower, VoodooPowerMini has been rock solid, and has been so essential that I even use it on a MacBook Pro (with smcFanControl) to keep that beast from frying my gonads...

Thanks again!

Thanks Superhai for VoodooPowerMini for Snow Leopard.

I used to use your previous VoodooPowerMini with 10.5 but since running 10.6 and configuring my DSDT with _PSS and _CST objects, I have not come back to use it. However, since trialling Cartri's modified Gigabyte BIOS, I have come back to using your fantastic kext, now revised for 10.6.

I had forgotten how easy this was and will advertise this more.


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