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Back On Line (Was: Forum Maintenance + Planned Downtime)

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Hey Everyone,

We'll take the forum offline today @ 22:00 UTC/GMT in order to complete the planned set of changes we've been working on during the last days.

We encourage everyone to hold their questions for a while. So far all the updates went smooth and we should be up + running shortly after. Please keep in mind that this is not a typical forum upgrade, we're upgrading the back-end that runs all of our projects/hosts.

I'd also like to inform our funky moderation team to keep an eye on their mailbox since communication -if any- during the upgrades would be via email instead of PMs.


TimeZone conversions FYI:

* London:  22:00 UTC / GMT
* New York: 17:00 UTC -5 / EST
* Moscow:  01:00 UTC+3 / MSK
* Rio de Janeiro: 20:00 UTC-2

* Tokyo: 07:00 UTC+9


Budapest:  23:00 GMT+1 :)


--- Quote from: rocksteady on January 17, 2010, 03:07:39 PM ---
* London:  22:00 UTC / GMT
--- End quote ---
Has it been done with all systems back online?  ;D

heh! no not yet, bit of procastrination due to family time...

Gents, we're going offline in 5 minutes, please save any drafts you may have


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