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Getting stuck on grey screen
« on: January 24, 2010, 03:08:36 AM »
I installed OSX on my PC recently.  I used a modified retail disc to install to MBR, and Empire EFI to boot it.  Everything is fine, in terms of the installation.  I installed Chameleon though and when I try to boot OS X, it gets stuck on the grey screen with the apple logo.  I can still boot it by using my Empire EFI CD.
Here's what I get before it freezes when booting with "-v":
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ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop - Note: Using 2 of 4 physical CPUs/cores, perhaps due to boot-args setting
Warning - ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop::initCPUCtrlLoop - no sub-config match for MacBookPro 4,1 with 3 p-stats, using default stepper instead
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