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There seems to be a lot of confusion about our forum and insanelymac, leading some (mostly new) members dissing insanely in one of their posts/PMs here.

Let's set things straight once + forever:

This forum surfaced because the comments on the blog were driving zef and the rest of the DevTeam nuts (blog comments suck for troubleshooting + feedback). It was always meant to be pretty much DevTalk, for feedback, proper Bug Reporting and user support. No aspiration(s) to become a general OSx86 place ever.

I made a few comments about InsanelyMac's Search and how way-too-lax moderation encourages spam, off-topic havoc and at the end information labyrinths. All these thoughts of mine intended to supplement the way we deal with information coherency here in this forum. I guess we could add a disclaimer like "My post represents my views and my views alone and should not be associated with anyone else not even with teams I might belong to. Please do not paraphrase nor plagiarize.", but reading it twice sounds kind of ridiculous, no?

• Everyone is welcome here as long as s/he takes some time to read our rules and understand that this forum is only about VoodoLabs software.

• Everyone is free to use, read and be a member of any website/forum/blog he/she likes. Using each forum according to its rules will only make things better.

• No drama-queenism, bitching, dissing, spam, and other personal attacks will be tolerated here. Got a "personal" issue with a certain member? Take it man-2-man, gent-2-gent via PM, email, letter, pigeon, beers or any other way you see fit. Spotted a silly dispute between some members? They're big boys, leave it up to them to solve any misunderstanding(s).
• Aggressive end users should put their mouth where their skills + $s are. No one charged you a single dime for software coming out our pipeline or for a support contract that its terms are being abused by us.

• OSx86 is a global game, ditto for the members of our team. Leave some headroom for people who do not speak perfect English, leave some headroom for other people's sense of humor. Lighten up, this is supposed to be fun.

• We don't like name-calling, playing god-mode, noob vs expert + dumb vs smart mindsets, we're not trying to impress newcomers with our "perfect" hacks. We encourage everyone to do their own research.

• We are not going into war with anyone, collaboration is where it's at for us.

PS: For the mistrustful ones: yes we're working with insanelymac to end this nonsense, focus on quality and things that matter.  :)

PPS: For the mistrustful ones who keep a bunch of usernames here or elsewhere: Relax, feel free to talk/clarify anytime you like. We're into it just for kicks. It's supposed to be fun  :)


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