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forum issues for non-registered users


First, thanks for providing a great site!  Lots of great work by many people.

A couple of things that might not be clear to un-registered users, as well as the admins on the site who probably rarely browse the site when not logged in.

1)  Attachments are not visible to un-registered users.  This can make things very confusing, like perhaps when trying to read the Chameleon V2 documentation.

2)  The Captcha required for searching by non-registered users appears to be broken.  No matter what I did, I could not get the past this Captcha.

It's very possible that #1 is documented somewhere, but I couldn't locate it due to #2.  Also, I was having trouble getting registered due to not receiving the registration emails yesterday, so perhaps there was some bigger issue at play.

Just wanted to pass that along.  Thanks!

Hi dlstyley,

#1 is a deliberate option set up by us. Guests can just browse the forum. There's a ton of reasons behind this.

#2 I never heard that before though it seems to happen for me too w/ Camino

Looking @ our mail que, I don't see any errors, activation e-mails go out as they should. Looking @ your IP this might be a reason of delay in your case.

We'll probably disable guest access completely since it's causing more issues than not.

Thanks for the feedback.

Update: Search verification works fine now. Checks w/ Camino, Safari, FF, Chrome, Sunrise, OmniWeb under X.6.x

Mr. Steady,

Sorry for the delay.  I'm still not getting emails from the site - just tried the password reminder - no joy.  I've got a shiny new (to me) IP which has no prior record at projecthoneypot... I guess it's the luck of the draw using a dynamic IP. 

Anyway, I figured out why I was having problems with the Captcha.  You only get one shot.  If you get it wrong the first time (because you are impatient, bad typist, have trouble speaking Captcha, etc..) you get screwed.  Using the back button or the "Back" link on the error page just results in the false hope of a second chance, only to be denied over and over and over no matter how careful you are.  ;(

I'm pretty sure this is it, but then again, it's late - I'm tired.  Could have fat-fingered several times and just thought I saw a pattern. 

Sorry for any goose chases...

Thanks for confirming so dl,

All checks come clean now.


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