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VoodooLabs & Chameleon 2, The t-shirt, the mouse pad, the flame thrower!

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Introducing the VoodooLabs line now available at http://www.cafepress.com/voodoolabs

Be the first to own your Voodoo/XNU mouse pad, or a t-shirt! We're still tinkering with new ideas and some of them didn't go over so well with the lawyers, so sorry if the flamethrower is unavailable in your area due to shipping restrictions but we've got t-shirts, mouse pads, cups, a license plate frame and other stuff available for you to purchase!

Sometimes the Labrats come up with something new, so check back and and then to see if they've got something else for you =)


Hooray :D
Finally I can put the nice voodoo chameleon everywhere :D

I think it would be a nice idea to just have the chameleon without the line below or as a plush animal :D The chameleons smirk tells the story...

Kevyn, is it possible to have a woman t-shirt only with Chameleon on pocket or on the back without Voodoolabs logo?
pretty pls  ;D

Of course, the ladies shirt is as requested, with no logo on the back =)


I would definitely buy a voodoo tanga for my girl!!!


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