Author Topic: Question about using Chameleon to boot just Windows 7 and Opensuse 11.2  (Read 1260 times)

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Would it be possible to use Chameleon to boot just Windows 7 and Opensuse?

I figure the chameleon "extra" directory would be placed on the EFI partition, and the following partition layout might be needed:

    |-- hda1 > 100mb, Fat,  EFI (Chameleon "extra" directory)
    |-- hda2 > 200gb, NTFS, Windows 7 > Has Windows 7 boot files on the C: with OS files
    |-- hda3 > Opensuse boot/page, grub installed to this
    |-- hda4 > Opensuse OS, /, /home

So what I'm really looking for here is confirmation about whether Chameleon can do this, and a suggestion for the best way and order to do this.

Many thanks in advance