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VooDoo Power doesn't load on my Vostro 1500

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VoodooPower do not have anything to do with that other kext, although if you try to use two sources of speedstepping, the result will be suboptimal, but not cause a kernel panic. If you have a kernel panic it would help me much more if you can get the panic the kext is causing, but in your case I am pretty sure it is not related to it.

And there is no mac called "Mac 5,1" and adding p-states to the dsdt will not help you in this case at all.

Okay, tonight, using code from a similar Dell model, I was able to get SpeedStepping to work and remove NullCPUPowerManager which as I understand it, negates AppleCPUPowerManager. I am now able to load Voodoo Power, but haven't noticed any effect. Is there a user interface or Icon I should be seeing?

No, you are not supposed to see anything. Please, I feel I am wasting my time with you, just answer these questions:

1 - Why do you want to have VoodooPower installed?
2 - Why do you find it interesting to tell whether you loaded AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement or NullCPUPowerManagement?
3 - What is the bug?


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