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Unable to Load VooDoo Battery on Dell Vostro 1500 under 10.6.2

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The kext loads fine, there just isn't any indicator on the status bar. I have gone to Power settings, and changed the radio box, a place is briefly created on the bar, before then returning to previous state of nothingl, and the system self-unchecking the power settings box. I successfully used the 2009 Uphuck battery utility under 10.6.2 which worked until I went 64 bit...then it too disappeared. Ideas anyone?

Post the output from ioreg -lw0 and the output from the power tab from System Profiler. Then we can go from there.

Here ya go. I appreciate you having a look at my technical issue.


If these don't load properly then I apologize...bein' a nOOb. Might need some assistance to get it figured out.

If you can't post the attachment I can't help you.

I guess it was staring me in the face the entire time. My Apologies.


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