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Attaching supporting documentation to posts, How do i?


I'm a registered user and am attempting to rectify a problem with my battery icon, through VoodooBattery. I was asked to attach a screenshot and ioreg dump file so that we could progress from there. Unlike email that has "add attachments" paperclip icon, I used the associated icons to drag and drop my files onto the post. It seemed to work anyhow... but only left 'links' to my desktop.

Okay, so it isn't very intuitive, and I'm new to posting on forums, and I have yet to find the answer on this website... so how do I attach supporting files to resolve an issue? If the answer is on this site, could someone kindly point me in the appropriate direction so I can continue my quest?

Thank You.

Hit Reply, then click the "+" in the "+ additional options" under the text box, the option is there.

See the attached capture.


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