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KP when on battery

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Ok, I think I know approximately where it does happen, but not why. A problem might be that it is not something inside the kext but within one of apples kexts or the kernel. There is something that is overwriting a return address. If you see on the backtrace, the fourth return address is the culprit. I believe the reason you get an invalid opcode occasionally is because the return address is overwritten with a valid address but to some non code address. So it is caused by the same bug as the page fault kp.

1) Are you 100% sure it always happens when on battery? Not just after or before A/C connected or disconnected?
2) It can't be completely random as it does seem to be the same every time. Are you able to see some pattern? Like a special charge level or something other particular event happening? It might be difficult to spot as alot happens under the hood.
3) You said the other battery kexts paniced immediately, can you post a picture of one of those panics and which kext causes it?
4) It might help if you can post some of the panics from running in 32 bit, and also some more from 64 bit to find some patterns.

my situation is same as you ....so i don't show battery any more....

kernel panic is caused by conflict between AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and VoodooBattery.kext

when I boot 32-bit, I use VoodooPS2Controller 0.98 32-bit from this forum
all is ok with battery

when I switch to 64-bit, I use VoodooPS2Controller 0.98 32/64-bit from here:
it forces to use AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and gives kernel panic when battery is low


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