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Re: REQUIRED patches.
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2010, 02:49:40 PM »
Actually, I dont see any demand. I see strong requests. The only thing I see is that one person is giving global, yet to be proved information, but doesn't go into details. Other persons ask for more detail as help, info or proof. Then the first get for his own reasons a somewhat fighting attitude. Why? Nobody is saying that you doesn't speak the truth. If someone have concrete info - show it, other wise people have to ask for proof. Programming is about knowledge, proof, truth and inspiration.

So I want to say 'relax people'. This is about fun. Let the maybe hidden 'people person' pops up, maybe you like it.  8)

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Re: REQUIRED patches.
« Reply #16 on: April 07, 2010, 08:42:51 PM »
I could also care less what you release and don't release, your work is yours and has nothing to do with me and yes, there are some versions of NVEnabler source floating around so I certainly wouldn't call it closed source.

I just wanted to point you out that i am in fact for open source, which you believed im not.

You expect me to produce a patch or finished, tested and working solution you expect too much from someone not associated with or using this project.

No, the only thing i wanted from you, to prove the things you are talking about. I remember its very long time ago, i asked you on moofspeak, before you were banned, about NVMT, the information you gave me back then was as unuseful you give here. You say we don't build NVMT proper to DCB and PCT table. Well i havent seen anything DCB related in NVMT. You just keep telling NVMT is about this and that, yet i have to see a prove from you if you are so sure.

If you really wanted to discuss in detail what information I had then you should have made an effort to have a real-time conversation outside this forum as I had requested rather than continue trying to force it to happen here for a project I don't use and have nothing to do with and by your own remarks you expected patches and code to be provided here despite me voicing it wouldn't happen here is a sign that you weren't expecting help with finishing it but rather demanded I handed it to you which meant I would have had to do your work for you.

See the point above, you gave me no reason to actually contact you since im sure the info you would have given me, again wouldnt really much differ from the info you posted here. Unproven and misty. Im not talking about the vram detection and dual card operating.

Admitting that the nvidia code is based on your NVEnabler work now gives everyone the impression that it's likely a nightmare in need of work.
Exactly, its a nightmare.

And just so you are clear in understanding why, I didn't suddenly lose interest, it was your demanding I work on it here that made me lose interest as I expressed it wouldn't happen here and now I can understand and sympathize  why people refrain from participating in zef's project due to your involvement despite the appearance of any benefit your presence brings.

Yes im sure people dont want to join because of me... you have to know i left this project already long time ago.

And it isn't anymore about me and you, if you really have useful information to share, share it here If you actually want to help the community.


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Re: REQUIRED patches.
« Reply #17 on: April 08, 2010, 01:08:29 AM »
I'm not interested in helping the community for the reasons I gave.

I was interested in helping zef, that shouldn't have been too hard to figure out by the remarks I made and I didn't state you were not a proponent of the open-source community, it's obvious you contribute to the open source community.

I'm not interested in joining a community that is governed by BIAS or by people who operate under multiple sets of rules.

I have no clue if the community you directed me to operates with any fairness, decency or morality but does not change the fact that I'm not interested in joining a group just to help a community I am not a part of and expecting me to make great efforts to provide information and code to do so was never going to happen.

You requested and were provided specific information which appears not to be the information you were looking for and rather than engage in a conversation you found it necessary to attempt to force me to openly participate here in a project I don't use and can't test by providing proprietary and confidential information to satisfy your morbid curiosity and it was this attempted force that has ended any potential help you might have received.