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Issue with boot1
« on: April 04, 2010, 11:14:55 AM »
Hi Guys. I am a new guy who lives happily with my GPT/MBR hybrid disk and Chameleon bootloader...until today. ;D

Suddendly, my working configurations stop working
My hard disk layout:
1. Efi partition FAT32 * GPT Bootable
2. Mac OS X Partition HFS+ (and it is primary on MBR with AF partition type)
3. NTFS Partition * MBR Bootable
4. EXT2 Partition

HP Bios and ICH9 intel chipset
boot0 works nicely as it reach to boot NTFS and EXT2 partition by changing the MBR bootable flag. Boot works also because I can reach to boot Mac OS X using Grub 1.98 and multiboot command.

boot1h is the PITA. It does not reach to read the root boot2 stage and hangs my system leaving only the "boot0: done" string but without "boot1: error".

I have debugged the boot1h code and it does not reach to check the H+ signature also. So I think it is related LBA addressing issue. GPT/MBR values are synced correctly.

The strange thing is the "suddendly" behavior. I was thinking corrupt HFS volume but diskutil says it's ok.

I have rewritten them dozen of time. Any idea?
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