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How to improve Battery Life


I noticed that my notebook (Lenovo G550) battery life in OSX (10.6.2) is significantly shorter than in Windows (1.5 vs 3 hours). CPU-i shows that CPU voltage and frequency change thus I believe VoodooPower does work.

Is there any way to improve the battery life even by underclocking the cpu? BTW, it seems the last version of VoodooPowerMini doesn't have battery profiles in Info.plist. Why?

There are various reasons to different battery life, but most important is that you don't have C-states active. And including C-states in a third party kext is a bigger project.

The battery-profiles (and all the customizing features) are removed as most people ignored them and didn't make use of them, instead I want to simplify it as much as possible. Right now it doesn't work different whether on AC or battery,  but in a later version I will add it back (with a hardcoded profile).

I there any other way (may be even not related to VoodooPower) to reduce power consumption of CPU? It seems the CPU on my notebook is very hot. Its temperature ~ 50C. For example on my desktop PC it is below 40C


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