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Hi Superhai,
machine, patches and system are on the sig; kernel is patched just with cpu id, bcopy stuff for emt64 and kext blacklist.
Loading the kext results in kp (pics attached), any arch, type of install/load, either normal or debug version. Nothing gets to logs or from debug version. 10.5.x version works fine.
Nothing more worth of mention. If you need any other feedback, i'm glad to provide.

Stay safe...

Ok, I know why it panics now. I will see if I can make some kind of fix.

Nice :) will stay tuned...

Forgot to mention something..
The personalities blocked by kext blacklist:
--- Code: ---    { "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelMeromProfile",    0 },
    { "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelNehalemProfile",    0 },
    { "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelPenrynProfile",    0 },
    { "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelYonahProfile",    0 },
    { "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement",    0 },
--- End code ---
the cpu family Profile ones are blocked because they cause a huge hang at boot (right before getting to login window) when booting with "64 bit mode" enabled or k64. Obviously, they don't need to be blocked for Core cpus.
Don't know if these are relevant for power management?!

Try the version here and see if it works



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