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VPmini 1.2.5 slow stepping

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I'm using last VPmini 1.2.5 on SL 10.6.3 on a P5Q with an INTEL C2 E8400.

VPMini now is not speedstepping the same on old version or maybe on old 10.6.x I don't know this.
Anyway, right now, it stands on 2GHz most of the time without going on higher P-state, if I need of an higher P-state it remains on lower even with 100% CPU loads, then suddenly step on higher after 3-4 seconds of lag.
This is strange and I can't get back on the "old" behavior, is there something I'm missing?

LoopTimerFactor: 2


If you use debug version this would be expected.

It's not the debug version...

Edit: I can confirm I'm running the release version

I even noticed that on last release PowerControl section is missing in Info.plist, why?

I will check.
All the settings are removed because I don't want to support something very few use.

Signed up to this forum to report the same, I can confirm that CPU doesn't seem to step up as expected. Running release version 1.2.5.

IMHO, considering Apple and MS implement very complicated logic and metrics to step up/down the CPU, I think some sort configuration for CPU scaling is required. Developer who compiles big projects vs Basic email checking will benefit a lot if there is some sort of configuration.


Snow Leopard x64 10.6.2 VoodooPowerMini


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