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VPmini 1.2.5 slow stepping

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I recompiled the release version, I made a mistake so it would behave like the debug version. Try now, it should be responsive.

OK testing release version 1.2.7b2 now it works, the strange thing is that I can't reach middle p-states, I've got 2GHz (x6) and 3GHz (x9), 2,33 (x7) and 2,66 (x8) missing...

Ok, power control section is missing for that reason, but is that still working if added manually?
Temperatures seem to be higher then before with power control section...


Missing middle P states here too, speedstep goes directly from 759MHz to 2530MHz. VoodooMonitor shows 13 P-States which might not be accurate as Windows RMClock shows fewer states.

Interl Core 2 Duo T9550 2.66GHZ, SL 10.6.2 x64, VoodooPowerMini 1.2.7b2

In most cases it will jump to highest P-state to let the CPU complete its work as quick as possible and jump back to lowest when not needed. Only if you have an average load it will use intermediate states.

Yes I'm trying with average loads, playing youtube flash videos for example, but it steps between lower and higher only every 4-5 seconds...


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