Author Topic: Need help locating boot.png/logo.png (they're not in /Extras/Themes)  (Read 3653 times)

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It's driving me crazy! :o

I have a default chameleon 2 rc3 install, no themes.
i have graphics enabled, so when this box boots, there is the smiling green chameleon. I would like to change ONLY that.

do i have to apply a whole THEME to replace it, or can i simply replace the logo.png file that is displayed?

I have the directory, but it's empty. I went to terminal and un-hid files, nothing.
In terminal, i did 'find' - nothing, locate - nothing.

Where are these files located?

please help me before i go completely crazy.


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Maybe you make more change of a answer in the theme part of this forum.

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Hi chookiebaby

The Chameleon v2 RC3 boot file you are using will have the default theme embedded inside it, and without any other themes in your /Extra folder, Chameleon will default to using that. So yes, if you want to change the logo.png then you will have to add the theme files in to your /Extra folder.

The easiest way to explain what you need is:
Download the Chameleon RC4 binary files from the link pointed here and copy the Themes folder from inside the Optional Extras folder, in to your existing /Extra folder. Then add the 'Theme' key/string in to your /Extra/ with the string being the name of the theme folder you want to use. This will then point Chameleon to using those files to render the GUI from. In this case you want to use the 'Default' folder as it's the same theme that's embedded in to your current RC3 boot file and the one you already see. You can then replace the logo.png file there.

For a visual reference, see this post by rocksteady.
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OK, thanks for the heads up on that. i found out exactly what you just said by making a 'default' folder (before i read this post) and putting a test theme inside to see what would happen (without changing my boot file) and it loaded the theme instead of the default.

but thanks so much for explaining it. i didn't realize that the images were embedded in the file.

here's what i ended up throwing on there.