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Guide To Make a Chameleon PenBoot, without OSX!
« on: April 25, 2010, 09:53:29 PM »
Hi guys, with this method you can create a USB key to boot Chameleon2 RC4, without having available MacOSX. So very convenient for those who approach this world for the first time!

You need a computer with Windows and MacDrive;

Download BooterX2_RC4.rar and unzip it in the root of your Windows PC (C:\);

Download Clonezilla Live! ISO and burn it on a CD;

Insert your USB drive and format it to erase all the content;

Restart your PC and choose to boot from CD Clonezilla Live!;

I recommend: the USB stick must be inserted before turning on the computer!!!

Let's Go


01 This is the main screen that asks you how to start, choose Option 1 (default);


02 Here asks if you want to choose other video modes, go forward by pressing SPACEBAR;


03 Here asking if you want to change the keyboard layout (I do not modify it and go ahead), but if you want change, go to "Select Keymap from full list";


04 Choose Start Clonezilla;


05 Select device-image, that is an option to work with ISOs;


06 Choose local_dev, this option is used to locate where the image is to be restored;


07 Now select your C: drive on which you have Windows and unzipped BooterX2_RC4.rar file (you can recognize the C: drive, by size and type of file system "NTFS");


08 Now he wants to know where exactly BooterX2_RC4, choose the Root as image;


09 Select Beginner and go forward;


10 Choose restoredisk and go forward;


11 Choose BooterX2_RC4 as an image to restore (unless you have other backup is the only option);


12 Choose where restore BooterX2_RC4 backup: your USB stick or your SD;


13 answer Y to the 2 questions .... 60 seconds and your stick is ready;


14 Restart and remove Live Clonezilla (thank him before putting it away;))

Conclusion and Replacing kext

Now restart Windows with your pen drive plugged in, and change/modify Extra folder with MacDrive .... if you want to update the Chameleon, replace the boot files in the root of the stick;)

Important note of use!

Once you have finished preparing your BooterX2_RC4, restart your computer with inside Mac OSX DVD and BooterX2_RC4 stick;

Choose to boot from USB key;

To start the installation from DVD, you type this string to the menu of the Chameleon 2:
rd=diskXs3  (X denotes the number of DVD drives)

How do I know the number of DVD drives??

Simple! DVD drive is the last unit, so if you have:
4Hardisk + BooterX2_RC4 = disk5
3Hardisk + BooterX2_RC4 = disk4
2Hardisk + BooterX2_RC4 = disk3
1Hardisk + BooterX2_RC4 = disk2

Let me know if it works, BarboneNet:)
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