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I am using VoodooPS2Controller for my trackpad on a Dell XPS M1330. It is working perfectly. Only the prefpane settings are reset after each boot. I tried out all helps I found via Google (in this forum and elsewhere with no success), but I found a post that says that you can edit the setting within the "VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext/Contents/Info.plist"

I edited this part, but somehow it seems that it has no effect:
Code: [Select]

Is there any documentation what settings does what? I thought it is quite straightforward, because I just would like to speed up the scrolling speeds. For this I changed the two finger scroll speed settings from 30 to 38 to 50 to 60 without any effect (beside I got a Kernel Panic using 60).

I am loading VoodooPS2Controller from "/S/L/E", have an EFI partition and use Chameleon RC4. I used the IgnoreCache options for booting and I never build a kextcache., so the settings should not be cached anywhere It seems that the options do not relate to the settings in the prefpane. With the prefpane I can configure the Trackpad perfectly.

So the questions:
  • Am I doing the correct thing, can I set it via this Info.plist file
  • what are the min and max values for the settings? What does what? I am especially interested in the Borders for Side Scrolling and all Speed related settings, i.e. movement and scrolling
  • which setting in the prefpane relates to which config line in the Info.plist file
  • can I get the settings after using the prefpane and store them manually somewhere so that they are loaded on startup?

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