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All Posting Guidelines (rules)


The Theme Park is dedicated to theme creation, sharing, resizing & troubleshooting themes only and any post here not related to themes will be moved or deleted. We do not want this to turn into other forums where there are 90 posts to filter through before you find the actual link. A moderator will keep an eye on posts to help keep things simple.

As you have seen, the Theme Park has now been split to keep things in better order resulting in this section dedicated to everything else about themes.

• Any useful posts can begin with a [TAG], that will be one of the following to help searching:

* [Logo] if you're sharing just one theme element (i.e. a Logo.png).
* [Request] if you're requesting a particular theme or element.
* [Tip] if it contains useful info to help others.
• If posting anything other than a theme, try to use a particular 'message icon':

* A question mark for a request or a question.
* A light bulb for a tip.


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