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Incorrect Battery info on a dell Vostro 1520

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Thanks. I found the bug. Because OS X always expect values reported to be in mA and not mW, I ensure the kext convert it. But there is also one other case, which I unfortunately placed after that routine, and it is when your battery reports that it have more capacity than the designed (or factory set max capacity). Because it reads the actual (mW) values again directly from ACPI, and is not calculating the mA values the value is wrong. I have updated the code, so it shouldn't happen again, and will upload a new version now.

The reason for the weird report is often due to poor calibration of the battery, and as it seem like the battery have recalibrated, it was then again working.

Updated to version 1.3.3 and my charge time is back 1:20!!
Thanks Superhai, glad I was able to contribute to the development!


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