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A way to customize chameleon trough Mac OS "System Preferences"...


It would be nice to set chameleon preferences and look from Mac OS "System Preferences"...

A good Boot Camp theme would also be nice....

Thank you !  ;)

This may be a very simple app.  Since it would only need to mess with the plist file.  I'm not currently an Apple Developer, so I don't have access to Xcode.

If someone is willing to pick this up, I'd be very interested in it too.  Otherwise, I may just have to get myself registered.  Although, I have another project in mind that would probably come first if I were to get Xcode.  (a nice Boot.plist/mkext builder designed for creating chameleon 2.0 based USB keys.)

This really isn't something that the chameleon team would need to work on though.  All the settings are nicely exposed in the file (which you should have in your /Extra directory)


--- Quote ---A good Boot Camp theme would also be nice....
--- End quote ---

I know this really isn't part of the topic, but... If you want a bootcamp theme, go here...


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