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key differences on LatinAmerican spanish keyboard layout

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Hi macgirl how i can know what is the hexacode for my keyboard key

On my hackbook i have a abnt2 keyboard and would like to port this to work

the keys |\ are changed with '~
and the key /? are sending a enter command

So how can i identify this to make the changes ?

Thank you very much  ;D and sorry for my english

--- Quote from: macgirl on April 16, 2009, 06:48:18 PM ---EDIT:

this is basically the changes:

--- Code: ------ VoodooPS2Keyboard/ApplePS2ToADBMap.h 2009-02-14 08:20:54.000000000 -0600
+++ ApplePS2ToADBMap-LA.h 2009-04-16 11:57:35.000000000 -0500
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
     0x25,  // 26  L
     0x29,  // 27  ;:
     0x27,  // 28  '"
-    0x0a,  // 29  `~
+    0x32,  // 29  `~
     0x38,  // 2a  Left Shift
     0x2a,  // 2b  \|
     0x06,  // 2c  Z
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@
     0x41,  // 53  Keypad Del
     0x44,  // 54  SysReq / Custom Calc
     0x46,  // 55 Custom Logout
-    0x32,  // 56 ¼\» (Spanish)
+    0x0a,  // 56 <> (Spanish)
     0x67,  // 57  F11
     0x6f,  // 58  F12
     DEADKEY,  // 59

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---

Hi macgirl and others!

Can post kext's compiled? Please  ;D

I haven't idea of compiling the source code... I need xcode for this?

I tried compiling and got
IOService::lookupInterrupt private error.

I understand what that means, but I am not entirely sure what the appropriate fix is.. Anyone?

Would love to have working tilde back...



I have to write in different languages, so I use the american international (with dead-keys PC style) as my keyboard.
When I changed from Apple PS/2 to Voodoo I noted that I lost the `/~ key.
Upon checking the return code i discovered that the reason is that Voodoo PS2 returns a different (wrong?) keycode.
Apple returns 50 and the placement of the key is correct both for the ANSI keyboard (on the left of the 1/! key) as for the ISO keyboard (between left shift and the Z key).
Voodoo on the other hand returns 10 for the same key. For the moment I downloaded Ukelele and remaped a new keyboard, but it is not ideal since I lost CMD+` to switch among open windows...

Is there any solution without changing the source code and recompiling?


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