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crashes on battery


Hi Superhai,

my system has always been unstable on battery. Both with Leopard 10.5.8 and now with 10.6.3.
With VoodooBattery non-debug version it crashes every 5 minutes or so. With debug version maybe once per hour, so, no big difference anyway  :-\ It's stable on AC power.

Since version 1.3.3 of VoodooBattery (non-debug version) I am getting frequent complaints from VoodooPowerMini:
VoodooPowerMini: Failed to get full power management control of CPU

It is HP 6510b laptop, set up as MacBookPro2,2
xx:~ xx$ ioreg -lw0
    |   "product-name" = <"MacBookPro2,2">
    |   "system-type" = <02>
    |   "model" = <"MacBookPro2,2">

xx:~ xx$ kextstat | grep -i voo
   25    0 0x2f7e5000 0x5000     0x4000     com.superhai.driver.VoodooBattery (1.3.3) <13 5 4 3>
   26    0 0x2f7c4000 0x3000     0x2000     com.superhai.driver.VoodooPowerMini (1.2.7) <7 5 4 3>

Any hints how to start debug this problem are very welcome  :)
Logs, crash picture and some info attached.

Remove the password, and i will take a look

Re-attached without password.

it certainly got worse with 10.6.4


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