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Spreadsheet for Resizing Themes Based upon Aspect Ratio of Current Theme

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I have generated a spreadsheet to assist me in attempting to resize themes found in this forum for my own usage. I am posting it in the hope that this might save others time and aggravation (taking calculator out each time).

I would appreciate it if someone could double-check the various resolutions I have calculated for each aspect ratio. My apologies in advance if I have posted this in the wrong forum or thread. If so, moderators, please move it to the appropriate location.

Moderator EDIT:
There is now a Google Docs spreadsheet which can be used for quickly finding out the percentages required for resizing from one size to another. Thanks to asdolf for enabling the GoogleDoc.

This is great! Can you also add a calculation for 1280x1024?


Glad it might help you. That was my intent, to help others with these calculations without going nuts with a calculator each time. A spreadsheet seemed the perfect vehicle for making these calculations.

This is a simple spreadsheet. You can go into any field, such as the original H & W for 1920 and 1080, and then change each field to 1280 and 1024. Then look at Desired Res., and you should get percentage changes. You can change the H & W of the Desired Res. also, and it will reflect the percentage changes.

I had already included a line on the last page for calculating the percentage change from 1280 x 1024 to 1024 x 819 (or is that 820 - 5:4 Page). I did not go further down than 1280 x 800(16:10), 1280 x 720 (16:9), 1280 x 960 (4:3), or 1280 x 1024 (5:4).

Question - Did I reverse the Height and Width labels in the spreadsheet? I think so, but not certain.

PM me if you cannot figure out how to change the fields in the spreadsheet to reflect the initial and desired resolutions that you are seeking to work with.

Good thinking nesnfsn,

This is a great idea and will hopefully provide very useful. I have added a link to this post in the resizing guide. :)

Maybe this could be converted in to a shared Google Doc spreadsheet for users without Excel?  alternatively, OS X's quick look function can view Excel files.


First, please accept my appreciation for all of your work in these forum, and express my appreciation for your kind words.

1.   Can you advise, did I reverse the Height and Width columns?

2.   As to a shared Google Doc spreadsheet, I do not know how to do that, and have not yet "googled" that concept.

3.   As to your suggestions regarding those without MS products, such as Excel, everyone who has built a hackintosh, should download OpenOffice (FREEWARE) which will allow them to  open spreadsheets, as well as word processing (MS Word or Corel Wordperfect) documents, and presentation (MS Power Point) documents.

4.   And oh yeah, I forgot about OS X's quick look function:

Previewing files with Quick Look - Using the Quick Look feature, you can quickly view the contents of a file or folder without opening it or starting an application.

To preview an item with Quick Look (Cut & Paste from OS X Help set forth below):

a.   Select the item.

b.   Choose File > Quick Look, or press Command-Y.

The content you see depends on the type of item. If it’s an image, you’ll see a thumbnail version of it. If it’s a text document, you can read the text and scroll to see more.

c.   If you like, continue previewing items by clicking their icons in the Finder. The Quick Look window displays each item as you click it. You can use Quick Look to create an instant slide show by selecting several images and choosing File > Quick Look.


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