Author Topic: Chameleon Recognizes my 8600 GT as GTS with more ram than actual.  (Read 1211 times)

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My Sig has my install. I have graphics enabler set to yes and everything works great. QE/CI is enabled. My only issue is that nvidia card with is an PNY 8600 GT 256 MB is recognized as  nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS with 512 MB ram. I don't have any graphics info listed in the smbios.plist. I know this is very OCD to want it to be right, but any harm of leaving it like this and anything I can do to change.

Also I have PCIROOT at default to 1. Is that right for the mobo. Posted important files below.

Snow Leopard 10.6.4 / Win 7 Dual boot Chameleon RC5 r112
GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 F9
E6850 3.0 Ghz Processor, 4 GB RAM
Nvidia PNY 9600GT 1Gb
Onboard sound and LAN