Author Topic: hit or miss chameleon booting problem  (Read 1214 times)

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hit or miss chameleon booting problem
« on: July 13, 2010, 08:08:18 AM »

      I have been running iATKOS 10.5.7 for the nearly the last 10 months and i chose to install chameleon at the time of installation(v2 i think). Everything was running smoothly until two months ago. now I am met with either a blank screen or a screen with a horizontal cursor or a backslash '\' every time I boot.  I now have to try starting the computer 4 or 5 times before chameleon finally loads and osx boots up normally after that point. It's very frustrating.

     I dont remember correctly but I guess this booting problem first surfaced when I started facing severe kernel panics while working on osx. I guessed that the problem was due to overheating and I blowed my CPU clean and installed an extra fan. Now the kernel panics are gone but the boot problem remains. I have tried repairing disk permissions through disk utility with no effect.

The hard disk contains only the osx installation. I used to have a windows hard disk but now I have removed it. even previously, i dint use chameleon to boot to windows. I used to change the primary hard disk through BIOS. Booting to windows from chameleon dint work and I dint bother repairing it.\ because it did not affect booting osx in any way.

since the chameleon installation came along with the distro, I am unable to locate the file in extras. Spotlight also couldnt find anything.

Could the problem be due to the graphic card? because even now my system sometimes hangs when running flash websites or other intensive applications. This was not the case ten months back

Mine is a fairly old system running
Asus M2V TVM
AMD 3400+ 2.0Ghz
nvidia 6200LE QE/CI supported
onboard audio and lan

Thanks a lot! I will be happy to try out any suggestions.