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I have created several of my own mashed up themes from others posted in the Theme Park Forums of this site. However, no matter which theme I direct Chameleon to load through, my computer starts up with the Default theme that comes with Chameleon 2.0 RC4. Can someone provide me some guidance so I can confirm that my own themes actually work?


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PS - I have indeed searched the threads here, may have missed it, but could not find a thread which answers my issue.

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Test one of the available themes and see if it does the same thing. Just to rule out an issue with your own theme.

Unarchive and place the theme in its own folder inside /extra/themes and don't forget to set the theme name in /extra/
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I  will do so tomorrrow night. Computer in master bedroom, an htpc, with OSx86 10.5.6 and Ultimate Edition Linux 2.6 Gamers Edition, 64-bit. Wife is watching some movie on it at the moment.

I followed your guide, also, simultaneously reading Beerkex'd thread on InsanelyMac (almost identical). NOTE - the directly provides for Theme and "MyBootMenu" (name of my theme). Also have some BlackOSX themes in that same folder (/Volume/EFI/Extra/Themes).

Will post my results tomorrow night after I get a chance to play with the htpc after work.


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REINSTALLED Chameleon the other night with a homemade theme, and did not leave Default Theme in Extra/Themes/. Voila, the computer booted and followed the theme selection in, and I booted into my homemade theme.

Have no idea why I was continually booting into Default theme before. I suspect that there might be something in Chameleon that prioritizes Default if it exists, but, oh well. No default theme in my /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Themes folder, and Chameleon is now working for my system exactly as expected. I am happy that it is now recognizing my theme upon boot.


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I had this same problem and its nothing to do with the default theme.  I think its from multiple

I found that I had three of them.  One that was in my / root dir, One in the .Chameleon hidden dir and one one in the EFI partition.

This is where things get totally screwed up especially when you reinstall Chameleon etc.

See my Post about multiple residual /Extra folders and files.  Its crazy!!!  I have had other issues besides the theme.  The BOOT files to.,1489.0.html