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Booting from USB cut off by EHCIacquire



I'm trying to install Snow Leo from a USB Drive on an Intel DP43TF. Now either:

- I use EHCIacquire=Yes, then Chameleon halts trying to load files (DSDT.aml) from the drive (well, duh, I just reset the controller...)
- I don't, then mach_kernel complains about USBF: unable to take control from bios (well, duh, the controller is still in BIOS mode)

I don't think I need a DSDT, since many others use the board without issues. Can't disable Legacy support in BIOS as obviously that's what I'm booting the installer from.

I think the EHCI/UHCI reset stuff in Chameleon should be deferred until just before control is handed over to mach (or at least, until after chameleon is done loading everything from the boot device) in order to fix this problem.

Does anyone have another idea that I have missed? (Well, OK, I could just use a different, non-USB install medium, but that's not the point. ;-)

You can do the USB fix in the DSDT, so you don't have to use it in the booter.

Meh, I was too lazy to be bothered to decompile&fix my DSDT, since I had the Chameleon source ready and already read through it. So I just patched it (see attachment).

The patch is not very nice because I hardcoded the arrays for deferring to max 10 controllers of each type, because I couldn't be bothered with writing a real dynamically allocated queue. But it does what it should and I could boot into SL setup. Yay. :)

Do you think I should submit this? If so, where?


I have the same problem when I want to install Yosemite. How to apply this patch.
shows me UHCI Controller.
How to fix this problem? I can not start the installation it keeps restart.
thanks you.


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