Author Topic: ATA Drive visible during chameleon boot screen, but not after  (Read 2038 times)

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Lord Anubis

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I was wondering how this is posable.

Installing Chameleon on his own partition gives me that when I boot up and am in the chameleon screen, I can see all the drives. Great and perfect. But I also see my ATA drives, but when I boot in Leopard Server or Client they are gone.

Of course in the Bios and startup bios screen they are there, but how is it posable that Chameleon see them, with just the three kext's?

I am already busy for four days to get them useable. Should I remove all the ATA/IDE kext's to get the 'basic/default' chameleon/Leopard behaviour? Is there something special, ahum, 'extra' special that Chameleon does under the hood?

BTW, I hope that there will be soon a guide what chameleon does do under the hood. Will give us a better understanding.

Thanks in advance

Quicksilver 2002 Case - GB EP45-DS3P - 8Gb Kingston mem. - Q6600 - Asus 7300GT Silent 512Mb - 6 SATA drives - 1 IDE drives ( using F12/Chameleon for booting, not visible in OSX ) - 1 external Sata Samsung DVD - OSX 10.6.8 server retail - Chameleon 2.0RC1 + Cartri Bios