Author Topic: [No0b] Questiion: Could my brightness issue be related to Chameleon ?  (Read 1336 times)

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Hi all,
First of all I want to say that I'm fairly new to the world of hackintoshes and I don't know anything about the secrets of the Chameleon bootloader, but I just have one question, which probably will sounds completely dumb to most of you, and I want to apologize for that.

Here is my problem:

My Samsung N130 hackintosh works beautifully, everything is working just fine and I'm very happy, except for one thing: every time the machine reboots the brightness level (backlight level) goes back to the maximum. I can set it up to the level I want either through the control panel or using the function keys, but at the next reboot it will go back to the maximum.

From what I understand on real Mac the brightness level is saved in the EFI (I can even find people reporting the similar issue on real Macintosh: ).

Now, since (again, from my very own understanding) Chameleon is implementing a fake EFI that allows my hackintosh to run OSX, could my issue be related to Chameleon ?

I'm using RC3 (I guess, not sure, how to check?).

Again, my apologies if my question is completely silly, and many thanks for your help.


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Re: [No0b] Questiion: Could my brightness issue be related to Chameleon ?
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Mmm, I might have found a solution to my brightness issue as described here:

I’ll give a try and let you know…