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Voodoo-Power Source Code is Unavailable


Hi All,

Perhaps I'm just behind the curve, but I'd like to get a copy of the voodoo-power source code. However, the Google Code site gives me a 403 Forbidden error.

I've managed to finagle a copy of the code by indirect means, but it'd be great to get the site up again.


PS: Congrats, the code is really clean and readable. :)

Hi Mbsullivan,

check VoodooPower News, select one of the downloads and follow the crumbs :)

Right. I was referring to the older version of VoodooPower [1.2.3 for 10.5.x (12JAN10)]. Under its page it says:

--- Quote ---Source is available from http://code.google.com/p/voodoo-power/.
--- End quote ---

That site is down for me.


Yeah, the site is down and i suspect it will be definitely!?
Are you sure you checked properly?.. see "GONE" page, third link from the bottom.

Edit: Superhai left OSx86 scene:(check his sig.


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