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Kernel Panic on Acer 7720


Hi guys
Have just successfully installed iAtkos on my PC.
Used http://idarkside.com/?p=25 as installation guide.
Specs of my PC:
- Acer FX58M mainboard, Ami R01-A2 bios, RFadeon graphics, 6Gb internal, Samsung HD130UJ 1tb disk.
Upon reboot a kernel panic occurs.
I made a photo of the screen and will try to add it to this post.
Any and all help will be appreciated.
Frits Peters

I am answering to my own post.
Have re-installed using Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel, solved at least one problem :)
Am now using a HackIntosh, looks good. ;D
Next problem: I do not see my ethernet link. Telephone and Firewire are available.
Again: all suggestions are welcome.
I will continue to try to find a solution.

You're probably not going to find much help here when using "distros"  We don't encourage piracy.

Go buy yourself a legit retail copy, you'd be surprised with how many little problems go away after spending a few hours learning how to get a retail install up and running.


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