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problem after instaling chameleon - vista : winload.exe need help

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hey guys and girls
like i said in my older post - I'm newbie - i thing the word describing me
after making my lenovo s10e dual boot with vista and leopard i insalled chameleon and i was happy to see that it works and log always to my leopard today i tryed to lof into windows and found that i was happy too soon i;m getting to the windows boot manger and i get an errror:
"windows failed to start....bla bla.....
the file that has the problem is winload.exe

i can log into my leopard but can't log into vista

i don't want to mess things up so it will be great if someone can help me fixing this problem and get real dual boot with 2 working operation  systems like i want

someone?  ??? ??? ???

Here man, try to boot from your Vista DVD, and select startup repair. That worked for me! :)

IF IT DOESN'T WORK (error message or nothing happens) - try to make you vista partition active for a temporary time, THEN try to do startup recovery again.

I think you can do this if you open your vista dvd, go to the recovery menu, then open comamnd prompt.


This will open diskpart.

list disk
This will lisk your physical HDs

select disk #
Here replac # with the number of the disk that contains your vista

list partition
This shows all the partitions on the disk

select partition #
replace # with partition number your vista is on

Now the disk should be active

Try to do startup repair now and see what happens.

o.k tried all of this but nothing happen than i looked and found something else and did it (easybcd) and now i have new problems

when i power on my lenovo my first stop is here :

if i press on the leopard i'm all good and in osx but when i press on the vista option i'm getting here :

and than i can chose vista and everything is fine, if in this screen i chose macOSX i'm getting back to the chameleon selection screen

what can i do?

Hi james341

You can try removing the Max OS X option from EasyBCD in windows?


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