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Why are there no download links for VoodooBattery.kext?


Where can I download VoodooBattery.kext

same question!

go an search at www.kexts.com !

Makes sense. Register here to find some drivers, then get sent to another forum (where again you have to register) with the hope of finding a driver to download. I swear, there's a conspiracy to waste everyone's time just by the amount of registering on forums you need to do...

The developer of VoodooBattery quit the osx86 game and bothered enough to post an announcement about it (read his signature).

You bring up a sensitive (without any real need for being sensitive) topic. We started a discussion long ago about the mess of the osx86 resources being scattered all over the internets. Conversation is a dying art and the mess you are talking about stayed the same. Oh well.


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