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moving to GIT?

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Me, i have to subscribe Zef's words..

--- Quote from: zef on October 02, 2010, 11:21:28 PM ---I agree that there are more sophisticated tools are available, but I still believe that discussing and organizing is the most important task.
--- End quote ---

Anyway, Track is most welcome! About git or any other version control system, i need to try; my experience is limited to svn and Chameleon repo, so all i can compare is theory. I would prefer a mixed solution, svn and git.. or hg.
Ultimately, any piece of software is only as good as the use we give to it :)

Guys, did you manage to get together on IRC yesterday?

I was; zef ?
well no discussion.

Thanks for confirming valv,

Just wanted to know if I have to catch up with either one or all of you. Looks like we have to re-schedule though.

What about this week guys? Who is available & @what time?

I would be there from 11:00 till 00:00 everyday
till next.


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