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Booting from Windows 7/NTFS partition
« on: September 08, 2010, 06:17:41 AM »

I've seen several posts from users who have issues booting into Chameleon/OSX from another boot drive (e.g. Windows 7 with the Microsoft bootloader with an OSX boot option). In my experience, Chameleon does not read the boot.plist file on the OSX partition when it's not loaded on the boot drive. I've tried to create a c:\Extra folder with a copy of boot.plist, but suspect that because it's part of an NTFS partition, Chameleon can't read the file (previous user said the got it to work with FAT32).

My setup:
Drive 0: MBR Windows 7 w/chain0
Drive 1: Chameleon/OSX

If I configure the BIOS to boot off of drive 1 right into Chameleon, everything works great. But if the BIOS is setup to boot to drive 0, I've got issues. OSX loads, but Chameleon does not read boot.plist.

It would be great if Chameleon could be updated to either load boot.plist from the c:\Extra directory on NTFS or read the file from the partition/drive on which it loads.



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Re: Booting from Windows 7/NTFS partition
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2010, 01:41:55 PM »
I think I have the same problem on one of my computers, but that you said is not completely true.

I have a Snow Leopard with W7 installed on a laptop and everithing works fine, is readed by Chamaleon with no problem, and I'm using the Microsoft bootloader with an OS X option and it uses the same partition schema as you: Windows on the first partition and Mac OS X on the second.

I'm going to try to create the Extra folder on C: but my partition is NTFS too.,1629.0.html <-- is my post

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