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[ERROR] ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match

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Hi everyone...since 2 or 3 day i noticed this message flickering beneath the gui on the left side of the screen when i move through the drives:

--- Code: ---ntfs_fixup: magic doesn`t match: 0000000 != 454c4946
--- End code ---

and when i choose the HDD to boot from i can see some actions loading (flickering at the bottom of the screen) before the apple logo and the loading starts.

I have an ntel DG35EC - CPU: IntelĀ® Core 2 Quad Q6700 - Memory: 4GB DDR2 800 Kingston - VGA: nVididia GeForce 8800GT 512MB DDR3 - Retail OS X 10.5.6 (on GUID) and another HDD with Vista ???

Mod Edit: Two separate unanswered topics for the same problem have been merged together to help consolidate this issue.


computer boots fine, able to chose between osx and windows 7 with chameleon and both work but before chameleon gui it has this ntfs_fixup message that appears for around 2-3 seconds

chameleon rc4 i wasn't getting this message, i upgraded to rc5 because i had hibernate sleep issues with Windows 7 and rc4 didn't have boot0hfs to set windows 7 as active partition (fixed now with rc5)

using rc5 Dec 18 2010 Trunk 668 currently (i've tried other versions of rc5 and it persists) and tried rc4 again to make sure it wasn't something else, doesn't show up with rc4

0: FDisk_partition_scheme *500.1 GB disk0
1: Windows_NTFS Windows 32.2 GB disk0s1
2: Apple_HFS OSX 31.8 GB disk0s2
3: Windows_NTFS Games 62.9 GB disk0s5
4: Windows_NTFS Media 367.0 GB disk0s6
5: DOS_FAT_32 BACKUP 6.2 GB disk0s7

A month no any attempt to answer.

Hi Slice

It's good that you are now frequenting this forum as your skills can help with questions like this. These type of issues need a developers eye to look over the source code to help determine the reasons why it happens. I mean I can search the source for 'ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match' and find it's in /i386/libsaio/ntfs.c but without studying the code (with my non-developer knowledge) to find out why it happens I can't give the OP an explanation.

And unfortunately in this forum, you will see a few questions / posts unanswered due to the lack of dev knowledge by the likes of myself who frequent here. This is not ideal, but the other devs such as Zef and Kabyl can't be here all the time to assist.

Maybe in the forthcoming restructure a better system can be attained for these type of issues? as currently bugs are posted here in the forum or posted as issues on the repo which leaves the chance for posts to be missed.

@Gringo - yes there is another thread about this but it's also unanswered.

Edit: I've merged both topics in to this one.


--- Quote from: Gringo Vermelho on January 21, 2011, 10:24:45 PM ---IIRC we already have another thread here about this. I don't remember if the issue was resolved though.

--- End quote ---
Is it possible to make this info public here?
Why this forum exists if most important info about the projects can be found at other places or just in private conversations?


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