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[ERROR] ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match

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This peculiar alert has been stalking me, getting increasingly more bothersome as it has come to fill the screen 1.5 times before displaying my menu.  I'm now beginning to suspect there's a correlation the number of HDDs (& partitions) I add to my system and how many times the error repeats on my screen.

I can't help but wonder- does everyone who uses the "Default Partition" & "Hide Partition" keys for NTFS drives (or who have NTFS drives in their build) get this error?  I'm leaning towards "No" because there seems to be very little activity or interest in this issue.  EDIT: Ooops- I guess I must rethink my conclusions-  I just noticed after posting how many views this thread has accumulated!
Or possibly far fewer people actually use these keys than I imagine.  Also I suppose that there are some who just don't notice or care about "mismatched magic"...  maybe many more than I presumed!
I have to remind myself that I have far more than the average # of HDDs attached to my system.  Using all 10 SATA ports on my mobo, plus 5 more on a port multiplier, as well as another 7 of 8 on a SAS add-in card- leaving space for 2 'guest' disks on my USB 3 ports- is not typical or normal!

It doesn't seem to cause or instigate any sort of major issue- it just adds about 8-10 seconds to my boot time.

I'm excited to see if the removal of those keys from my boot plist file will finally stop these pesky little messages that stall my system booting.

Still quite curious what is really behind these odd error alerts?...  Is it just a bug or a warning of something important? - that I should resolve!

Will repost here should I learn anything new/more about this messed up magic.   It would be great if someone here with a better understanding would share a bit of their insight!

Gringo Vermelho:
Try running chkdsk /F /R on all your NTFS partitions/drives.

Have you ever had any NTFS drives or partitions mounted as read/write in OS X?

If so try running ADS Spy or LADS and remove any leftover ADS you find:

Read more here:

Bump! I'm getting this problem out of the blue now  :o Everything worked perfectly, until I resized my Windows SSD partition to give more space to the C drive.


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