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[ERROR] ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match

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--- Quote from: Slice on January 22, 2011, 12:47:32 PM ---Is it possible to make this info public here?

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Hi Slice
I've already merged the topic Gringo was talking about in to this thread. That post is now post #1 because it was the oldest and there are no extra posts because that post was also unanswered.

The same problem. Where I can find a solution?

And... when "Errors encountered while starting up the computer. Pausing 5 seconds" will be fixed?

Maybe it is usefull to edit like this:

    if (gErrors) {
        msglog("Errors encountered while starting up the computer.\n");
       // printf("Pausing %d seconds...\n", kBootErrorTimeout);
       // sleep(kBootErrorTimeout);

Just some observations made on my machine (so don't know if they can be replicated):

Removing the keys and values for "Default Partition" & "Hide Partition" (I hide four partitions) from my makes the ntfs_fixup messages disappear. Unfortunately, this means I boot into OS X, when I want my default OS to be Windows 7.

Removing these keys, however, gets rid of the "Errors encountered" message when booting into OS X. Restoring the "Default Partition" key means that I get no ntfs_fixup messages when booting into Windows 7, but the "Errors encountered" message comes back for OS X.

I'd be interested if anyone can replicate these findings, or can find out if these are symptoms of a bigger problem, or it's down to a problem with using these keys in RC5 in

(My system is setup to boot into Chameleon (Quiet Boot) which is on my OS X HD, which then boots into Windows 7. Windows 7 is on a separate HD, as is Ubuntu Linux. I see the ntfs_fixup message for perhaps a second or two with my usual settings.)

Thanks for that tid bit about removing Default and Hidden partitions. If anyone has figured this out further, please let us know


--- Quote from: Blackosx on January 21, 2011, 10:37:01 PM ---Hi Slice

It's good that you are now frequenting this forum as your skills can help with questions like this. These type of issues need a developers eye to look over the source code to help determine the reasons why it happens. I mean I can search the source for 'ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match' and find it's in /i386/libsaio/ntfs.c but without studying the code (with my non-developer knowledge) to find out why it happens I can't give the OP an explanation.

And unfortunately in this forum, you will see a few questions / posts unanswered due to the lack of dev knowledge by the likes of myself who frequent here. This is not ideal, but the other devs such as Zef and Kabyl can't be here all the time to assist.

Maybe in the forthcoming restructure a better system can be attained for these type of issues? as currently bugs are posted here in the forum or posted as issues on the repo which leaves the chance for posts to be missed.

@Gringo - yes there is another thread about this but it's also unanswered.

Edit: I've merged both topics in to this one.

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 I totally agree with you. I do look here frequently and sometimes find answers, and its good reading too. I think if possible to setup something like what the xda-developers have would be perfect for  this. Those unfamiliar, it is a development thread for the Sony X10 (and other android related) it is segregated a little. The devs have their own threads with open viewing and restrictions on posting there. Then they have the threads for everyone, not just devs who do peek in from time to time.

For those interested go here:


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