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Chameleon RC4 and spinning cursor
« on: November 19, 2010, 02:47:03 PM »
Hello all!

After a motherboard failure, I had to replace my motherboard, but unfortunately a strange issue appears.
First of all, my configuration consists of 2 SATA disks, each with 500GB, and a SATA DVDR.
Motherboard is  GigaByte G31N-ES2L, Core 2 Quad and 4GB RAM.
System Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Now, the problem is if I boot with both my hard disks on, a spinning slash is shown on black DOS-like screen on the upper left, and the boot process does not go on.
If I remove my secondary disk, then the system boots fine and no problem exists.
Even if I remove the CDROM and boot with only the two SATA hard disks on, I get the spinning slash again.

Any help? What does this spinning cursor mean? If there is an error, where can I get/read it?

I have also performed some tests: when booting from an Leopard CD ROM with an older Chameleon distribution, the system boots fine. When I boot with iAtkos S3 (which uses Chameleon RC4) then I still see the same odd behavior.
I even tried to remove the CDROM and use an ATAPI CDROM , with exactly the same symptoms.