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Animations! Fading, transitions, "CoverFlow", "Genie Effect", etc...

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Custom animations would be really really nice! Adding effects just like iTunes CoverFlow or Mac OS Dock would destroy any competitions!!!

It could also make possible to create a perfect Boot Camp clone...

Thank you! ;)

Wow dude.  Seriously, this is a bit out there.  I see you have like 5 feature requests, (a bit much if you ask me) but this one... Well I can't speak for the Chameleon team, but holy shit, I hope you've been donating.

Its only a proposition...  ;D

I know its a big project to do such feature... But I think it could be a good idea for future versions of chameleon.

If you ask me it's not worth an effort. If you want such things to be done, do it yourself, source will be available soon

BTW don't forget: graphics in chameleon are unaccelerated. I don't think that anyone wants slugish video effects


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