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--- Quote from: valv on October 02, 2010, 12:33:10 AM ---we need a place to share our thoughts.
Maybe  by moving those interesting topics to one section close to "patches" and "repo", just to be seen by other devs, would help us make best decisions (all together). Suggestions are welcome, but sometimes devs need one private place for new and concrete ideas, without interference of any kind (not even valv talking about sub-forums  ???). Then we could introduce an internal voting system (if needed) to decide about the road to take for the upcoming releases.
--- End quote ---

valv, mozo (and anyone else interested in pushing things forward), if you have any ideas about restructuring the DevTalk category, please let us know. We'll do some minor maintenance soon.

Upon the first version of the forum, the DevTalk category was accessible only to the members of the team (hidden to the public).

@RockSteady, am for a private space for devs.
And btw, why not take care of users, by giving every dev one page (or a sub-forum, if u feel generous) to give support to users related to one's branch/code/trunk? what do u think?

Generosity was never an issue here valv :)

The current layout is just a basic skeleton, ever since the repo opened up. We're always looking to make things better, we just want to hear from every member of the team. Things that may fit me may not fit you and vice versa.

 Straight to the chase:

-Giving a page/subforum to every dev can be done really quick as long as a dev wishes to run his work this way. ie you may be happy to have threads for your work open and available to end users, but Kabyl may prefer to release something only when he sees fit and prefer to have feedback only from other devs.

-Making the whole DevTalk subforum available only to members of the board can also be done quickly. That's how we used to do it.

-For quick chat/feedback/shout in private there's always our irc channel too.

So come on guys, let's vote or just bring your ideas, this place is, first and foremost, a dev's playground

Personally, I can't figure how/why some devs afford to waste so much time by half-supporting random bits & pieces in more than one place. I see decent work in one place (say Slice's smc stuff on projectosx, or one of your projects in another forum), why would I open a thread here to integrate my ideas? It will only make end-users ping-pong between forums and us ending up in trying to follow mostly the same feedback/questions in 2 different places.


--- Quote from: rocksteady on November 23, 2010, 11:38:23 AM ---why would I open a thread here to integrate my ideas? It will only make end-users ping-pong between forums and us ending up in trying to follow mostly the same feedback/questions in 2 different places.
--- End quote ---
Feedback would be then given here and only here (from the devs them selves). This way we centralize support.
I understand the fact, some of us don't have much time or will to give continual support to end-users, but it remains a choice given.
Last, I'd like to precise you that am expressing my thoughts just because you've been asking for 'em. Thus, they are by no means other than suggestions :)
best wishes.

We're probably saying the same thing with different words. It's all about choice yes, some members never left IRC to post a single comment else where. That's why we want to hear each one's take and act accordingly.  I don't know how each member works, but with 20 years of R&D work on my back, I've found that the only way to actually do something consistent is to keep it organized*.

@valv: I've already PMed you, let me know how you prefer your threads/category to be structured. Any other thoughts/ideas, rock on.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has any other ideas, (or wants to follow valv's way) bring 'em on :)

*: My schedule being what it is I usually hit  long pauses in the osx86 game, leaving me having to catch up with progress. Some time ago, some people would misunderstand/misinterpret "organized" as which forum gets more traffic, more users, post count as a quality indicator and other cute things when in puberty. I'd like to see that kind of mentality getting out of the way so that we can focus on pushing things forward.


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