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Nice to hear your thought guys.

This category opened up for the reasons you mentioned. Privacy for devs is sometimes necessary, but we have the IRC for that. Anyway, bare with us some more, there's a ton of ideas but we're struggling for some free time.

We'll sort out the repo front/back end first. As before for any dev that wants to run + publicly support his works/threads here, feel free to suggest a structure that would fit you. 

My vote is for private.
There must be a place for private talk but offline not IRC. A place where some developer may say something that he doubt and do not want to make his thought public.
For all other users there are General Discussions, Bugs, and so on.
Patches should be moved out of private room.
How many people will be appeared in the private room? Four developers (Kabyl, Valv, Meklort and probably me) and two moderators?

And offtopic. Who personally is responsible for the thunk? It dead since May 2010 with a few changes in November.

I basically agree with Slice on this, though i voted No. Patches should be public or made public if viable and under development, while things like e.g. "the SMC to be used" could be private?! Not sure... by making things private we risk losing important feedback from "new kids on the block", etc...

Enable read access for all non-dev's but no write access, so that things are not messed up by the silly "h0w to f1x my b00t?".


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