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Gringo Vermelho:
I voted no. I know it doesn't mean much since I'm not a dev.

I enjoy stopping by and reading what the devs are doing, the background info, the discussions that lead up to a decision or development of a certain feature, etc. This helps me to understand better how and why things work.

I would miss that whole part of the Hackintosh experience if I didn't have access to this part of the forum. Just looking at the end result, the code itself, is not the same thing, especially for those of us who aren't very good at reading it.

...good reading you again rock.

To be honest, I (subliminally) thought that this would be read only by our dev members (I must have kind of stuck to the time when this category was private), and that the voting would take place only between them.

I never thought that it would actually be of such interest to others but your thoughts are both moving & appreciated.

Thank you funky drummer :)

OK, my $.02

I think it should be open to the community.  While a LOT of hard work on Chameleon has been put in by the core group of developers, there are bugs/issues that they don't experience.  I can think of two instances of this in my perusal of the forum.  First, I was seeing a lot of issues with win 7 sleep because it is a bully and expects to be installed in the boot partition and so did Chameleon,  I brought this up on the devtalk forum and with some help a fix was found.  The second fix was the 12 bit offsets for the boot loaders, I know this may seems obscure but it did cause me some issues (I'm strange and wanted my Chameleon partition at the END of the disk).  I think if you look at the list of patches applied to any RC update you will see several patches that made it into the mainline that were proposed by non-core devs who just want to help.  Isn't that what we are trying to promote here, a community.

If the devs don't have the bandwidth to follow up on the forum then maybe the mods can read this forum and "promote" the threads that they feel are constructive to a forum that only devs and mods have write access to acting as a filter that would hopefully reduce the amount of wasted dev time.

Thanks, now I'm off to try the new RC.

I totally agree with r0m30, another suggestion is to add a [fixed] tag to the post in the Bugs Reports section to make it more clear just from the topic list what are the Bugs still open. Maybe a better option could be a subforum where the solved bugs report are moved after the fix are made in the trunk.

Disclaimer: I am not a developer, but if I may, I'll chip in my 2 cents as well. :)

You should keep development as open as possible. All in all, Chameleon is a great bit of work and I feel it benefits a lot from its community.
It was already quite helpful for me to lurk around in here, and other people might benefit from general access as well.
If you feel annoyed by non-devs posting their opinion in here (like I am doing right now ;) ) I'd recommend you just make the subforum read-only to the general public. If one wants to make his/her opinion heard then, he or she will have to pass some initiation rite (if only PM'ing one of the moderators), which also helps to get an overview on who is doing something.

OT @scrax: maybe bug reports should be moved to an issue management system (trac?) where they can be dealt with even more systematically. I'll see if I can find a post where I can bring this up again, if not I'll make a new one...


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