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« on: December 11, 2010, 03:03:18 AM »
This seems like it should be obvious, but it is not to me.  I have a GA-G31M-ES2L rev 1.1 that ran fine with Leopard and everything worked.  I installed Snow 10.6.3 and of course audio does not work.  Someone recommended VoodooHDA and pointed me at a package (VoodooHDAp2.7.2.pkg) which I installed by clicking.  I didn't find any documentation, but at install it said it would move AppleHDA out of the way, which it seems to have done.  But of course, things aren't that easy.  Mic seems work but feeds back like it has a direct connection to the speakers.  The DSDT.aml I am using was alleged to work properly on my board with a certain batch of kexts, which I installed.  Of course it didn't, so I tried VoodooHDA.  Thinking the HPET section added might be the problem, I edited it out, which removed the mic from the System Preferences sound panel, but did not stop the feedback.  It cannot be a hardware issue because the mic and speakers work just fine with Leopard.

Is there something I need to remove when using VoodooHDA?
Are there special precautions or actions that need to be taken to use VoodooHDA?

Thanks in advance for any help.